[00:00.00]Unit 2 Noises
[00:20.64]Sing a song
[00:22.75]I hear raindrops,I hear raindrops.
[00:35.19]Falling down,Falling down.
[00:38.87]Pitter patterraindrops,Pitter patter raindrops.
[00:42.89]Falling down,Falling down.
[00:46.50]I hear raindrops,I hear raindrops.
[00:50.63]Falling down,Falling down
[00:54.39]Pitter patterraindrops,Pitter patter raindrops
[00:58.59]Falling down,Falling down
[01:02.82]Look and say
[01:09.85]What's that noise?
[01:19.96]Is it an aeroplane?No,it's a lorry.
[01:25.68]It's loud.I don't like it.
[01:34.69]What's that noise?Woof!
[01:38.77]It's the television.Woof!No,it isn't.
[01:44.31]It's the radio.Woof!No,it isn't.It's Sam!
[01:50.84]Woof!What's that noise?Brrrrr ...It's a drill.
[02:03.98]It's loud.I don't like it.
[02:08.12]Sam's quiet.The drill's quiet.
[02:13.64]It's quiet.Can you hear raindrops?I like raindrops.
[02:27.82]Listen,look and write.
[02:34.80]1.an aeroplane 2.a drill
[02:56.87]3.waves 4.a dog 5.a act
[03:28.16]6.a bird 7.a duck 8.a hen 9 a parrot
[04:02.02]Ask and answer
[04:06.46]Learn the sound
[05:09.36]u I like the beautiful music.It is super.