[00:00.00]Unit 4 Tasking and smelling
[00:20.45]Look and learn
[00:23.20]an apple a lemon
[00:32.76]an orange sweet sour
[00:48.74]Look and say
[00:52.90]What can you taste?Taste this.
[00:57.97]What is it?It's sweet.It's an apple.
[01:07.03]Taste this.What is it?It's sour.It's a lemon.
[01:19.86]Look and say
[01:25.26]What can you smell?Close your eyes.
[01:30.10]Smell this.Is it nice?Yes, it is.What is it?
[01:42.06]It's a flower.Yes,it is.Close your eyes.
[01:53.01]Smell this.Is it nice?No,it isn't.What is it?
[02:03.56]It's fish.Yes,it is.
[02:09.97]Look and learn
[02:15.79]a pineapple a prawn
[02:21.51]Learn the sound
[02:23.26]e Eddie has ten red pegs
[02:29.14]Say and act
[02:33.66]Good mornintg.Good mornintg.Can I help you?
[02:43.38]Oranges,please.Taste this.Is it sweet?No,it isn't.
[02:52.31]It's sour.Taste this.Is it nice?
[02:58.53]Yes,it is.Eight,please.Here you are.Thank you.