[00:00.00]page 35 Module 4 The natural world
[00:07.89]Unit 1 Animals
[00:12.43]Read and say
[00:15.60]Look at the animals.
[00:20.17]What are they? I'm sorry.I don't know. They're pigs.
[00:38.97]page 36 Say a rhyme
[00:43.83]A farmer and ten chicks. One,two,Put on my shoe.
[00:51.70]Three,four,Open the door. Five,six,Count the chicks.
[00:59.45]Seven,eight,Open the gate. Nine,ten,Chicks with.the hen.
[01:07.00]page 37 Now listen!
[02:51.08]Learn the sounds o nose dog
[02:59.75]page 38 Unit 2 Insects and plants
[03:06.88]Look and learn
[03:09.81]a ladybird a fly a bee a butterfly
[03:20.99]Ask and answer
[03:24.33]In the country park
[03:27.60]What's that?It's a bee.What's this?It's a ladybird.
[03:40.76]Page 39 Look and read
[03:45.72]An insect a head legs a body
[03:54.87]Look at the insect.
[03:59.44]It has a head.It has a body.It has six legs.
[04:09.57]page 40 Look and read
[04:14.41]A plant a flower a leaf leaves roots
[04:26.55]Look at the plant.
[04:30.50]It has roots.It has leaves.It has a flower.
[04:40.37]Ask and answer
[04:43.82]What's this?It's a leaf.
[04:48.57]What's this?They're roots.
[04:54.14]Learn the sounds u pupil duck
[05:02.00]page 41 Unit 3 The park
[05:08.38]Read and tick A picnic
[05:13.13]How many Cokes?Six Cokes.
[05:18.69]Count the apples,Ben.Four apples.
[05:24.75]Picnic List
[05:27.99]4 apples 6 Cokes
[05:34.76]1 Chicken 8 cakes
[05:41.60]2 oranges 3 pears
[05:49.05]4 eggs 6 sandwiches
[05:56.41]1 apple pie 10 sweets
[06:03.55]1 kite 1 ball 1 camera
[06:13.29]page 42 Look and read
[06:18.25]A picnic in the park
[06:21.81]Look!Alice and Peter.Hello!Hi,Alice.Hi,Peter.Sit down.
[06:34.66]A cake,Peter?Yes,please.I'm hungry.
[06:44.01]A cake,Alice?No,thank you.
[06:49.76]A Coke,Peter?Yes,please.I'm hungry and thirsty.
[07:00.10]A Coke,Alice?Yes,please.I'm thirsty
[07:07.76]Look!The flowers are red and yellow.
[07:14.10]What's this?It's a ladybird,It's red and black.
[07:23.25]Look at the birds!They're tall and pink.
[07:30.19]page 43 Look,say and write
[07:38.37]Here are the photographs.Look!Here's Peter.
[07:46.13]page 44 Say the garden In the garden
[07:52.79]Look,What's this?It's a tree.It's big and tall.
[08:00.73]Look at the animals.What're they?Oh,they're chicks.No,They're ducks.
[08:12.49]Look at the flowers.They're white.
[08:17.14]What's this?It's an insect.Yes,It's a ladybird.
[08:25.60]Look,it has a head.and body.How many legs?six,A ladybird has six legs.