[00:00.00]Side A page 2 Module 1 Getting to know you
[00:09.48]Unit 1 Here I am!
[00:16.69]I'm Dotty.Hello,hello. I'm Dotty.Hello,hello. Hello,hello,hello.
[00:55.85]I'm Miss Fang.I'm Alice.I'm Peter.
[01:06.72]page 3 Look and say
[01:11.29]A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
[01:47.86]page 4 Sing The alphabet song
[01:53.32]A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
[02:43.47]page 5 Unit 2 Greetings
[02:49.51]Look and say
[02:52.54]Good morning,Miss Fang.Good morning.
[02:58.70]learn the letters
[03:01.86]Aa apple Bb bag Cc cat Dd dog
[03:22.21]page 6 Look and say
[03:28.07]Going to school
[03:37.00]Goodbye Goodbye
[03:41.57]Good morning,MissFang.Good morning.
[03:47.63]Goodbye Goodbye.
[03:59.88]page 7 Say and act
[04:05.94]How are you?
[04:08.82]1.Hello.I'm Mrs Wang.Hi,I'm Alice.
[04:16.86]Good morning .I'm Mr Li.I'm Mrs Li.
[04:25.64]Good morning,I'm Grandma.
[04:32.17]2.Hi,Alice.How are you? Fine,thanks.Goodbye.Goodbye,Alice.
[04:42.41]4.Hello,Sam. How are you?Hi,Sam. Woof!
[04:54.40]page 8 Unit 3 In the classroom
[05:00.56]Ask and answer
[05:03.91]What's your name?
[05:06.78]Hello,What's your name.
[05:12.35]Hello,I'm Danny.What's your name?
[05:18.69]Hello,I'm Kitty.What's your name?
[05:24.34]Learn the letters
[05:27.39]Ee elephant Ff five
[05:38.26]Gg girl Hh hand Li insect
[05:53.52]page 9 Play a game You're...
[05:58.79]You're Kitt Li.
[06:02.95]No,I'm Alice Wang.
[06:07.70]You're KittyLi. Yes,I'm KittyLi.
[06:14.36]You're Miss Fang.Yes,I'm Miss Fang.
[06:22.09]page 10 Look and learn
[06:26.74]a book a pencil a bag
[06:36.20]a desk a rubber a ruler
[06:45.26]Play a game
[06:52.58]One,two,three,I see..
[06:58.46]A book?No.A pencil?Yes.
[07:05.59]page 11 Unit 4
[07:10.03]Saying and doing
[07:13.37]Say a thyme
[07:16.53]1.One,two,three,four.Come in,please.
[07:26.67]2.Close the door.
[07:36.49]Look at the clock.You're very late.
[07:42.34]4.Nine,ten,Don't be late for.school again.Now listen!
[09:25.92]Learn the letters
[09:28.97]Jj jam Kk kite Ll lion Mm mouse
[09:45.22]page 12 Look and learn
[09:49.90]the blackboard the door the window
[09:58.73]the table the box
[10:04.66]Say and act In the classroom
[10:09.12]Close the box,please.Thank you.
[10:15.97]Clean the blackboard,please.Thank you
[10:23.41]Clean the table,please.Thank you.
[10:30.36]Open the door,please.Thank you.
[10:36.71]page 14 Say and act Greetings
[10:42.27]Good morning,Mr.Li.Good morning,Alice,Mm,What's your name?
[10:49.53]I'm Danny.Hello,Danny.MrLi,I'm Peter.
[10:56.59]Hi,Peter,How are you?