[00:00.00]OXFORD ENGLISH\ Shanghai Edition
[00:28.84]Unit 1 Farm animals
[00:31.66]student book page 2
[00:35.37]Let's act
[00:35.44]Draw the cow on the paper
[00:39.20]Draw the duck on the ground.
[00:45.16]Let's talk What do you see?
[00:57.88]I see a duck I see a hen I see a pig I see sheep
[01:10.03]one two three four four sheep
[01:16.79]I see cows one two three four five five cows
[01:28.31]I see chicks one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten chicks
[01:42.92]What do you hear?
[01:44.48]I hear a duck I hear a hen
[02:05.64]I hear a pig I hear a sheep
[02:30.72]I hear a cow I hear a chick
[02:59.40]student book page 4
[03:01.94]Let's learn
[03:03.50]Listen hen hen chick chick
[03:16.75]duck duck cow cow sheep sheep pig pig
[03:37.78]hen hen chick chick duck duck cow cow sheep sheep pig pig
[04:21.74]N n nose O o orange
[04:58.70]Student book page 5
[05:03.25]Let's play
[05:03.32]Listen,tick and say
[05:06.09]1.I hear a...2.I hear a...
[05:38.27]3.I hear a...4.I hear a...
[06:05.44]student book page 6
[06:10.19]Let's enjoy
[06:13.38]1.I've got a cow.It goes 'moo,moo'.
[06:19.99]2.I've got a pig.It goes'oink,oink'.
[06:28.11]3.I've got a duck.It goes 'quack,quack'.
[06:36.34]4.I've got a hen.Itgoes'cluck,cluck'
[06:43.05]Look I've got four eggs.
[06:45.29]work book page 2
[06:50.43]Look,listen and answer the questions.
[08:34.50]Listen and draw.
[08:54.02]work book page 4
[08:56.66]Listen and trace the letters.
[08:59.61]I hear a pig.I hear a cow.I hear a hen.