[00:00.00]2 The weather
[00:20.09]Say a rhyme
[00:22.83]1 It's sunny today.
[00:31.97]It's sunny today.I'll wear my hat.I'll wear my hat,When I go out to play.
[00:43.21]2 It's rainy today.It's rainy today.I'll take my umbrella.
[00:59.14]I'll take my umbrella,When I go out to play.
[01:05.91]3 It's cold today.It's cold today.I'll wear my coat.
[01:19.28]I'll wear my coat,When I go out to play.
[01:25.45]4 It's windy today.It's windy today.
[01:38.40]I'll take my kite,I'll take my kite,When I go out to play.
[01:46.37]Draw and say
[01:51.33]I like summer.It's my favourite season.Why?
[02:01.29]Because we can go to the beach and we can swim.
[02:06.93]I like autumn better than summer.
[02:11.08]What's your favourite season,Eddie?
[02:22.13]see new plants/flowers
[02:26.29]see butterflies/bees/insects
[02:32.14]play in the park
[02:38.96]go to a country park
[02:42.51]fly a kite
[02:45.43]have a barbecue
[02:51.15]go to the beach
[02:56.77]make sandcastles
[03:00.14]lie under an umbrella
[03:06.51]wear warm coats/boots/scarves/gloves
[03:13.07]make snowmen
[03:16.02]ride skateboards
[03:19.26]Look and read
[03:24.12]1 This typhoon is dangerous,but that typhoon will be more dangerous.
[03:36.58]2 The weather is wonderful today,
[03:44.03]but the weather will be more wonderful tomorrow.
[03:50.56]Read and act a rhyme
[03:56.33]The wind and the sun
[03:59.39]1 'I,'say the wind,'Am stronger than you.'
[04:11.35]'you're not,'says the sun,'I am stronger than you.
[04:20.31]2 'All right,'says the wind,'See how hard I blow.'
[04:31.67]'Oh yes,'says the sun,'I can make the plants grow.'
[04:40.50]3 'That man,'says the wind,I'll blow off his clothes.
[04:51.11]'Let's see,'says the sun.And behind a cloud he goes.
[04:59.89]4 'I'm cold,'says the man,'I'll put on my scarf.'
[05:11.12]'I told you,'says the sun.And then begins to laugh.
[05:19.06]5 'your turn,' says the wind,'I've had mine.'
[05:29.51]'OK,'says the sun.Then begins to shine.
[05:36.07]6 'I'm hot,'say the man,'I'll have a swim.'
[05:46.33]And takes off his clothes.'See,'says the sun,'I win!'
[05:54.87]Tommy Target
[05:57.64]I like spring
[06:10.44]better than___.
[06:16.56]Because we can go to the beach.
[06:21.13]have a barbecue.
[06:24.78]ride our bicy cles.
[06:28.55]___is dangerous,but__is more dangerous.
[06:35.99]___is beautiful,but__is more beautiful.
[06:44.24]___is interesting,but__is more interesting.
[06:52.60]___is exciting,but__is more exciting.
[07:00.26]___is frightening,but__is more frightening.
[07:08.51]___is wonderful,but__is more wonderful.