[00:00.00]3 Good food,bad food
[00:22.10]Look and read
[00:24.74]1 We can run,jump and play.We work hard at school.We are healthy.
[00:41.09]2 We eat a lot fruit,plenty of vegetables,
[00:50.83]and a little cheese and yoghurt.
[00:56.58]We eat a little chicken and fish.
[01:03.35]We drink water,milk and fruit juice.
[01:10.50]3 We are tired.We can't run or jump.We are unhealthy.
[01:25.05]4 We eat too many sweets and crisps,and a lot of ice-cream.
[01:37.80]We eat too many hamburgers and sausages.
[01:45.74]We drink a lot of soft drinks.
[01:51.41]Read,write and say
[01:56.87]What is a good diet?
[02:01.91]A good diet is...
[02:07.19]some meat,chicken or fish every day
[02:14.95]plenty of vegetables every day
[02:20.70]a lot of rice,noodles or bread every day
[02:29.66]a lot of fruit every day
[02:35.61]some milk,cheese or yoghurt every day
[02:44.15]Read a poem
[02:48.72]I went to the fridge I went to the fridge.
[02:56.09]I opened the door.There on the shelves Inside I saw...
[03:05.34]Ten fish fingers
[03:09.20]Nine strawberry yoghurts
[03:13.93]Eight hamburgers
[03:17.88]Seven slices of ham
[03:22.84]Six large eggs
[03:27.70]Five sausages
[03:31.85]Four pieces of cheese
[03:37.42]Three cartons of milk
[03:41.99]Two cans of Coke
[03:46.14]And a big bowl of fruit
[03:50.58]Play a game
[04:15.69]soft drinks
[04:39.88]fruit juice
[04:42.93]Sausages!Are they good for us or bad for us?
[04:49.88]They're bad for us.
[04:53.83]Fish!Is it good for us or bad for us?
[05:00.90]It's good for us.
[05:08.87]Let's make sandwiches for lunch today.
[05:17.10]First,wash your hands.
[05:22.14]put a piece of bread on a plate.
[05:27.18]put a little butter on the bread.
[05:32.33]put some slices of chicken/ham/egg on the bread.
[05:40.69]Put some lettuce/jam on the bread.
[05:46.85]Then put another piece of bread on top.
[05:52.78]Cut the sandwich in two pieces and eat!
[05:59.13]Tommy Target
[06:05.84]plenty of___
[06:08.77]a lot of___
[06:11.80]a little fish/cheese
[06:16.45]too many sweets
[06:20.42]too much ice-cream
[06:25.57]too little meat
[06:28.73]not enough____
[06:32.10]What have you eaten?
[06:35.65]I have eaten...
[06:39.31]good for us bad for us
[06:44.17]a slice of___
[06:47.51]a piece of___
[06:50.88]a carton of___
[06:55.24]a can of___
[06:58.80]a bowl of___
[07:02.27]a packet of____
[07:06.32]a bottle of____
[07:09.98]slices of____
[07:13.14]pieces of___
[07:16.77]cartons of___
[07:19.80]cans of_____
[07:22.83]bowls of___
[07:25.75]packets of___
[07:28.81]bottles of___