[00:00.00]2 My home
[00:20.98]Look and read
[00:24.24]Ben and Kitty live in a housing estate.
[00:31.19]They live in Block 1.It has 30 floors.They live on the ninth floor.
[00:44.25]Eddie live in Block 2.It has 20 floors.He live on the eighteenth floor.
[00:57.10]Alice lives in Block 3.It has 10 floors.Alice lives on the tenth floor.
[01:09.77]It is the top floor.
[01:13.43]There are shops,a school,a garden, a kindergarten,a playground,
[01:25.79]a swimming pool and tennis courts in the housing estate.
[01:33.96]Look and learn
[01:39.11]a tall block
[01:42.58]a taller block
[01:45.93]the tallest block
[01:49.45]Look and learn
[01:54.91]an address
[01:57.94]a telephone number
[02:01.57]Look and learn
[02:06.54]a bedroom
[02:09.46]a bathroom
[02:12.52]a sitting-room
[02:15.58]a kitchen
[02:18.42]Tommy Target
[02:23.15]tall/taller/the tallest
[02:28.43]big/begger/the biggest
[02:34.17]Eddie Chen
[02:37.05]Flat 18B,Block 2
[02:42.51]Rose Garden Estate
[02:46.06]Garden City