As Brazil geared up for the World Cup, 230 miles above Earth, astronauts had their own microgravity kick-about.

U.S. astronauts Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson, and German astronaut Alexander Gerst, watched the action from aboard the International Space Station.

And to celebrate the opening ceremony, the three astronauts showed off their microgravity football skills by performing impressive bicycle kicks, spins and somersaults while kicking a ball.

The astronauts have trained for years to work together as a unified crew, but the U.S. astronauts and their German crewmate are feeling a little friendly competition. Their home countries will play against each other for a chance to advance out of Group G of the World Cup matches.

USA and Germany face off on June 26 at Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil.

This isn’t the first time a sporting event has been broadcast in space. The Super Bowl XLVIII was recently viewed aboard the ISS with Nasa astronauts supporting the Denver Broncos.

While the crew members of the ISS are unable to watch the World Cup games live, Nasa said it will upload the matches shortly after they are broadcast on terrestrial TV.