450)=450"> Chris早上在咖啡间跟同事Ben打招呼。 Chris: Hey, Ben...---1---? Ben: Uh...what game? C: Baltimore defeated Texas by 17 points! B: Um...and what sport are we talking about here? C: Football of course! B: Oh...football. Football is cool. I usually try to catch the World Cup finals. Chris问Ben, Did you catch the game last night? 意思是昨天晚上有没有看比赛,英语里看比赛,看表演在口语里都可以用动词catch, 比如,Let's go catch a movie. 咱们看电影去。Chris说的是美式足球比赛,football,巴尔的摩乌鸦队赢了德克萨斯人队17分。Ben说,足球好看, 每次World Cup finals世界杯决赛我都看,他显然是把soccer和美式足球football混了。Chris说, C: No, I'm talking about American football. The World Cup is soccer. B: Oh, I understand. I can't say I'm a big fan. I'm from China, and ---2---. C: So Chinese people prefer soccer or basketball? B: Yes, I think so. ---3---. When I was in high school I played on the school volleyball team. Are you a diehard football fan? Ben说自己不是特别爱看美式足球,I can't say I'm a big fan. 在中国,美式足球没有多少球迷。Football doesn't have a really big following. Following 在这里是名词,指粉丝,追随者,仰慕者。Ben还说,To be perfectly honest 意思是老实说,I'm not a sports nut. 这里的nut, n-u-t, nut是俚语,意思是对某事非常热衷爱好的人,比如history nut, movie nut 还有Ben所说的sports nut。Ben问Chris是不是铁杆美式足球球迷,a diehard football fan. diehard is spelled d-i-e-h-a-r-d, diehard 意思是死忠。Chris回答说, C: Oh, certainly. ---4---. My girlfriend says I have an addiction. And actually, if I had to choose between her and my games...I'd probably pick football. B: It seems Americans are very passionate about sports. Is this just a part of your culture? C: Oh, yeah! I think the love of sports starts when kids are very young. ---5---. Chris 承认自己是铁杆球迷,I wouldn't miss a game for the world. 不会因为任何原因错过比赛。not miss something for the world是一种很常见的说法,强调无论如何都不会错过,比如,I wouldn't miss your concert for the world. 我绝不会错过你的音乐会。Chris说,美国人热爱体育,是从小培养的,大家来自不同背景,但是运动却能让彼此走到一起。
did you catch the game last night football doesn't have a really big following over there But to be perfectly honest, I'm not really a sports nut I wouldn't miss a game for the world Americans come from many different backgrounds so I guess sports are something we can all enjoy together