Don’t mess with people’s food.

A McDonald’s customer was arrested after he allegedly bit a seagull after it tried to steal his meal. The suspect reportedly attacked the bird in front of the authorities.

Officers from a local unit were on patrol when they witnessed the incident in the city of Plymouth, England, Cornwall Live reports. The man reportedly claimed that the bird was trying to steal his McDonald’s, so he grabbed it and bit it.
据《Cornwall Live》报道,英格兰普利茅斯的警方在巡逻时目睹了这一事件的发生。该男子声称海鸥要偷他在麦当劳点的餐,他就抓住这只鸟,咬了它一口。

The animal apparently appeared to be injured as a result of the bite, but it flew away before authorities could inspect it. The suspect reportedly admitted to being under the influence of drugs.

The suspect was taken into custody since seagulls are a protected species in the area. The McDonald’s fan is reportedly facing up to six months in prison or a fine of about $6,300.

In a statement obtained by Cornwall Live, a spokesperson for the local police department said, “He sunk his teeth into it before throwing it to the floor. Officers had seen the incident and immediately went over and detained and took details from him. Around this time, the man volunteered the information that he was under the influence of drugs and it was decided that he should be taken to Derriford Hospital for treatment. The seagull was clearly injured by the incident but flew off before we were able to check on its welfare. We don't know what happened to it afterward.”
《Cornwall Live》拿到的声明中说,当地警局的发言人说:“他咬了海鸥一口,然后把它扔到了地上。警察目睹了这一事件,立刻上前将其扣留,并了解事情经过。这时该男子自己供述是受到毒品影响,警方决定将其送往Derriford医院进行治疗。此次事件中,海鸥明显受伤,但我们还没来得及上前查看其伤情,它就飞走了。海鸥的后续情况我们就不清楚了。”

Southwest News Service (SWNS) reported that a police spokesperson also stated, “Yesterday we detained a male who attacked & injured a seagull in the city center. Love them or loathe them, seagulls are protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.”