If your male partner is worried about losing his hair, you can now let him know that his life is only going to get better: Bald men are often seen as more successful and dominant than men with lush locks, a study from 2012 found, according to Business Insider.

The research says that women tend to find hairless men to be larger, stronger, and more powerful, too. This isn't exactly surprising news considering some of Hollywood's greatest hunks—Bruce Willis, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Jason Statham—happen to shine with shaved heads.
研究表明,女性往往会觉得光头男性更强壮、更强大、更有权威性。考虑到好莱坞最伟大的一些人 - 布鲁斯威利斯,“巨石”强森和杰森斯坦森 - 都是光头,这并不奇怪。

The research was conducted by scientist Albert E. Mannes (surprise—he's bald), at the University of Pennsylvania. The study, which compiled information from 59 subjects, showed the participants multiple photos of men. The first photo featured a man with a full head of hair and the second one showed that same man with no hair. Most participants reported that they found the bald men to be more attractive overall.

Here's one possible explanation for the attraction: Baldness makes an immediate and obvious statement about a guy. "I'm not saying that shaving your head makes you successful, but it starts the conversation that you've done something active," tech-entrepreneur (and bald man) Seth Godin told the Wall Street Journal.
这里有一个可能的解释:光头对一个人做出了直接而明显的表现。 “我并不是说剃头会让你成功,但它可以被用来开启对话,”科技企业家(他也秃头)塞思戈丁这样告诉《华尔街日报》。

Not only do these shaven guys seem more successful, but apparently, they come across as smarter too. Bald men are typically older, and tend to be seen by women as more intelligent and wiser, according to a separate study conducted at the University of Saarland.

There's one catch though—bald spots don't apply here. Men only seem more attractive, intelligent, and successful if they are completely hairless, whereas men with bald spots or patterned baldness tended to be seen as weaker and less attractive. So the next time your man debates his next hairstyle, you might want to suggest he break out the razor.
但是这里有一个问题 - 部分的脱发不被包括在这里。只有光头的男性看起来更有吸引力,更聪明,更成功,而有秃斑或部分秃头的男性则往往被视为较弱且不那么有吸引力。所以,下次你的男人考虑他的下一个发型时,你可以建议他直接剃光头。