A beauty blogger in south-west China has stunned thousands after she filmed herself transforming into a life-like Mona Lisa.

Posting the impressive transformation clip on her Miaopai video channel on Sunday, He Yuya, 27, re-created the Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece on her face using only makeup.

The artist from Chongqing province then on Tuesday posted another video of her transforming into the Lady with an Ermine, an oil painting also by Da Vinci.

The makeup artist has also filmed herself transforming into popular American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and received 390,000 views.

Ms He said that she created the Mona Lisa look on a whim , after her followers tasked her the makeup challenge as a joke.

She certainly did not expect the clip to go viral.

The transformation video has been viewed over 800,000 times on Miaopai and more than 20 million times on social video platform Dou Yin, where she first posted the video.

'I appreciate all the support I've received and I'm so happy that viewers like the transformation.'

'Once you see your face as a blank sheet of paper, the opportunities are endless,' she wrote alongside her video post.

'I love oil paintings myself,' she said.

'So, when I saw the great response on the Mona Lisa video, I went on to create Lady with an Ermine to continue the Da Vinci theme.'

Thanks to the artist's insane contouring skills and blending techniques, the video clip has gathered 194,000 clicks.

Ms He also transformed herself into the late Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng, saying that Teng is her mother's favourite singer of all time.

Each transformation takes between four to six hours, Ms He said.

She added that she still hasn't decided on the character for her next transformation project.

Net users are impressed by the artist's talent, dubbing her the 'Makeup Master' and saying that she should start a class.