What are the best ways to make yourself more attractive?


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1. Become a happy-go-lucky person.

I went to a local San Francisco bar to hang out with one of my best friends. My friend was talking to this girl with a body shaped like an hourglass and long black hair peacocked with a purple stripe.

She was sitting next to a guy who wore baggy clothes and didn’t bother to comb his hair.

As a good friend, I decided to keep this guy’s attention so my best friend could mingle undisturbed with the cute girl. I assumed from the tone of his voice and mannerisms that he was gay. I barely have to put in energy to wingman this scenario. Within a couple of minutes, I noticed I was wrong.

2. This guy had charmed me.

He had the widest smile and a happy-go-lucky attitude. He kept complimenting me by telling me great things about my energy and attitude. “Josh, there’s something about you - such positive energy. You’re a great guy to hang out with.” I thanked him over and again. Coming out of my daze, I noticed his hand was on the girl’s leg. I quickly realized two things:

1)He’s not gay

2)He knows exactly what he’s doing

As we talked further, I asked him, “How do you charm people so well?” He responded, “I’m a professional.” Then he whispered in my ear, “I just picked this girl up at a strip club.” He proceeded to explain how he regularly goes out and meets many women and makes countless new friends.

3. I was only partially convinced of his backstory until this happened…

We were thinking of jumping over to another bar, so we went outside to order an Uber. The girl took off to the bathroom. This wide-smiled guy looked at my best friend and me, and then glanced at a group of girls next to us. Without hesitation, he walked over and began talking to them.

I observed. He used his happy-go-lucky attitude to charm them. In less than a minute, he had already kissed one of them. I was stunned. This guy gets it. He didn’t pull any fancy lines. He just acted like the world was on his side. And by doing so, it was.

I looked at my best friend. We laughed. It’s never about how you dress or comb your hair.

Your attitude determines your attractiveness.