Starbucks’Holiday Cups Have Officially Arrived — But They're Not Quite As Red

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween, because it's officially the holiday season now—at least if you base your calendar around the Starbucks menu.

Starting Nov. 1, the coffee chain has unleashed their beloved holiday cups for 2017, and they've got a brand new look. It seems the leaks on Reddit earlier in October were correct, and the cups are decidedly less red this year. The design features black, white and green coloring with a Christmas tree, doves, a stack of presents, snowflakes, two people holding hands and a red ribbon running around the entire cup.

With all that white space, Starbucks is encouraging customers to D.I.Y. by filling it in with their own colors, making them all the more Instagrammable.

Along with the cups, of course, come the return of their signature holiday beverages, meaning we're saying goodbye to Pumpkin Spice and hello to Peppermint Mocha, Chestnut Praline and Caramel Brulée Lattes.

Starbucks’ holiday cups create quite a buzz every year—you may recall it was quite the scandal when they went with a simplistic, plain-red design free of Christmas ornaments or reindeer in 2015 .

Last year's version was more festive and ornate, and this year's—while not as colorful as some red cup purists might hope for—delivers on the holiday spirit.