A pot of wine 一壶清酒

No.7 train 七号列车

Self-pity 妄自菲薄

I know so 知我如此

Eyebrow bend 眉弯

Absurd years 荒唐岁月

Neither candidate 逾期不候

Time to catch 岁月赶

Read a heaven 一念天堂

If you heat the snow 你如热雪

Read a hell 一念地狱

And I often in 与我常在

close to the flame 靠近火焰

cruel world 残酷的世界

never let me go 别丢下我

Summertime sadness 夏日忧伤

once upon a dream 曾经在梦里

live for someone 为某人而活

Ultraviolence 冷暴力

Meet in the future 未来见

Worry more worry 愁更愁

The circulation time 光阴流转

shades of cool 荫凉/冷色世界

save me from tears 别再让我流泪

cry on his shoulder 在他肩上哭泣

All those little times 零碎时光

Dust in the wind 风中尘埃

Mad World 疯狂世界

Disappointed guest 惆怅客

All the way comedy 一路喜剧

Go with the flow 顺其自然

Nowhere to be found 无处可寻

You like the north wind 你似北风

le poisson mort 亡鱼

The faithful dog 忠诚的狗

The mystery hidden 玄机深藏

A paper wind 一纸清风

The years long 岁月长

The thin clothes 衣裳薄

East West mirror bottle 东瓶西镜放

South into the string 南风入弦

In the heart in ghosts 心里有鬼

Ten years trace 十年踪迹

Please listen to drift 请用心听

The seven point Coffee 七点咖啡

Difficult to look back 难回首

leave us lonely 留下我们孤独地活着

The World is a metaphor 世界是隐喻

Shout oneself hoarse 声嘶力竭

Quite your fears 停止你的害怕

South of the border 国境以南