1. a big shot = an important person 大腕儿,大亨  
2. a breath of fresh air 使人耳目一新的人  
3. Achilles’ heel 致命弱点;个性的瑕疵  
4. be all ears 洗耳恭听
5. be all eyes 目不转睛
6. a wet blanket 讨人嫌的人
7. chip in = contribute money 捐献,集资  
8. sell like hot cakes = sell very well or very quickly 畅销  
9. get butterflies in one’s stomach = get nervous 紧张不安  
10. two thumbs up 举双手赞成  
11. be the apple of one’s eye = be very precious to sb. 非常珍贵  
12. pull one’ s leg = tease someone 开某人玩笑  
13. break one’ s back 辛勤工作  
14. twenty-four seven = 24 hours a day, 7 days a week = all the time 永远,一直  
15. go for a song = be sold very cheaply 贱卖  
16. bucket down = rain very heavily 瓢泼大雨  
17. backroom boys 幕后英雄  
18. below the mark = not measure up 不够水平,不合格  
19. beyond compare 绝佳的,最棒的  
20. break even 不赔不赚  
21. by the book 照章办事  
22. cast a cloud over 泼冷水,是蒙上阴影  
23. castles in the sky / air 空中楼阁  
24. as clear as a bell 非常清楚  
25. clear the air 消除误会  
26. come to terms 达成协议  
27. shed crocodile tears 假装哭泣,假慈悲  
28. cut corners 走捷径  
29. do’s and don’ts 行为规范  
30. face the music 面对现实  
31. fair and square 正大光明的  
32. first things first 先说重要的  
33. forgive and forget 尽释前嫌;握手言和  
34. get the ball rolling 使蓬勃发展  
35. a knockout 引人注目  
36. a man of few words 沉默寡言的人  
37. a rainy day 不如意的日子  
38. all thumbs 笨手笨脚的;一窍不通的  
39. ants in one's pants (skirt) 坐立不安  
40. as mod as sb. 与某人一样时髦  
41. at one's finger's tips 了如指掌  
42. at sixes and sevens 混乱的  
43. backseat driver 指手划脚的人  
44. bite one's head off 大发脾气  
45. black sheep 不孝子女  
46. blow one's top 怒发冲冠  
47. break one's neck 痛打一顿;拼命做某事  
48. break the ice 打破僵局;打破沉默  
49. bring down the house 掌声雷动  
50. burn a hole in one's pocket 花钱如流水