Rabbis saw to it long ago that it’s against the law to have a pig farm on Jewish-owned land in Israel, so Jewish pig-farmers there (perhaps after consulting a legal-loophole-minded rabbi of their own) built their sties on platforms above the land—taking the practice of raising pigs to a whole new level.

But if you want actual Kosher pork—pork spare ribs, pork cutlets, center-cut pork chops, all labeled in Hebrew “Sh’Chita Beit Yosef” (i.e., kosher slaughtered)—you get that only in New York, only at the Associated Supermarket at 4407 Greenpoint Avenue, in Sunnyside, Queens, and only for a few hours today, between the time the Israeli artist Oded Hirsch snapped the above photo on his cell phone and it got forwarded to me, and the time I phoned Aris Duran, the supermarket manager, for an explanation.
但是如果你想要正宗的犹太猪肉,比如那些牛排,牛肉饼,中部掏槽的牛肉条,而且还要是正宗犹太人所做,那么你只可能在纽约皇后区的绿点大道4407号的联合超市买到。不仅如此,这些牛肉的出售时间也仅限于每天4小时,这个时间正好是以色列艺术家Oded Hirsch用手机照到了上面那张照片并发给我,到我打电话询问了超市的经理Aris Duran的时间间隔。

“What are you saying?” Duran asked. “Pork cannot be kosher.” So I e-mailed him the photo. He called me right back, and said he was going to pull all the meat off the shelves. “It was a mistake,” he said, and a few seconds later he called back and left a message to say, “Thanks for alerting me.”