11. Select the TWO answer choices that are mentioned in paragraph 5 as being features of Teotihuacán that may have attracted immigrants to the city. To receive credit, you must select TWO answers.
The prosperity of the elite
Plenty of available housing
Opportunities for well-paid agricultural employment
The presence of one or more religious shrines
10. According to paragraphs 6 and 7, why is basalt unlike most crystalline forms of rock?
It is unusually solid
It often has high porosity.
It has a low proportion of empty space.
It is highly permeable.
五.细节题题干关键字没有在原文直接给出。这让考生定位细节难度大幅度增加。不过说句公道话,其实在老托福考试就已经这样了,并不是在新托福考试之中独有的。比如《Depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer》这篇文章的第11题。
11.Paragraph 5 mentions which of the following as a source of difficulty for some farmers who try to conserve water?
Crops that do not need much water are difficult to grow in the High Plains.
Farmers who grow crops that need a lot of water make higher profits.
Irrigating less frequently often leads to crop failure.
Few farmers are convinced that the aquifer will eventually run dry.
六. 文章的复杂程度:这个也不用说了,OG的文章结构性非常明显,就好像看CCAV的新闻联播一样;真实考试的文章结构纠结多了,就好像看本届世界杯一样。比如:《The Long-Term Stability of Ecosystems》和《Colonizing the Americas via the Northwest Coast》这两篇文章。