TOEIC Vocabulary-Ads for Job

occupation 职位
vacancy 空位
business office 办公室
pay 待遇
leave 休假
head office 总公司
branch office 分公司
sales department 业务部
accounting department 会计部
promotion 升迁
demotion 降级
sign up 签雇用合约
dismissal 解雇
president 董事长
general manager 总经理
supervisor 总管
a letter of recommendation 推荐信
bonus 分红
commute 通勤
Applications must arrive no later than 申请函必须在……之前到达
Applications should be postmarked no latter than 申请函上邮戳在……之前有效
inflation-linked pay increase 通货膨胀连动型调薪
is considered 是可考虑得
is preferred 认为……比较好
is required 是必须的
is negotiable 是可商谈的
labor management 劳工管理
labor market 劳工市场
Master of Business Administration 工商管理学硕士(MBA)
names of reference 保证人
opening 空缺
part-time position 兼职工作
prior experience 过去的经历
renewable for only once 仅可延长一次的合同
salary is competitive 高薪
transit 中转
transportation 运输
the position is un-renewable 此职位无法延长(合同)
short-listed applicants 初审合格者
inter-office memo 公司内部便条
billboard 告示牌