Long conversation


Woman: Morning, this is TGC!
Man: Good morning, Walter Barry here, calling from London. Could I speak to Mr. Grand, please?
Woman: Who’s calling, please?
Man: Walter Barry, from London.
Woman: What is it about, please?
Man: Well, I understand that your company has a chemical processing plant. My own company LCP, Liquid Control Products, is a leader in safety from leaks in the field of chemical processing. I’d like to speak to Mr. Grand to discuss ways in which we could help TGC to protect itself from such problems and save money at the same time.
Woman: Yes, I see. Well, Mr. Grand is not available just now.
Man: Can you tell me when I could reach him?
Woman: He’s very busy for the next few days. Then he’ll be away in New York. So it’s difficult to give you a time.
Man: Could I speak to someone else, perhaps?
Woman: Who, in particular?
Man: A colleague, for example?
Woman: You are speaking to his personal assistance. I can deal with calls for Mr. Grand.
Man: Yes, well, could I ring him tomorrow?
Woman: No, I’m sorry, he won’t be free tomorrow. Listen, let me suggest something. You send us details of your products and services, together with references from other companies. And then we’ll contact you.
Man: Yes, that’s very kind of you. I have your address.
Woman: Very good, Mr…?
Man: Barry. Walter Barry, from LCP in London.
Woman: Right, Mr. Barry. We look forward to hearing from you.
Man: Thank you, goodbye.
Woman: Bye.

9. What do we learn about the woman’s company?
10. What do we learn about the man?
11. What’s the woman’s position in her company?
12. What does the woman suggest the man do?