W: Well, before we decide we're going to live in Enderby, we really ought to have a look at the schools. We want the children to have a good secondary education, so we'd better see what's available.
M: They gave me some information at the district office and I took notes. It appears there are five secondary schools in Enderby -- three state schools and two private.
W: I don't know if we want private schools, do we?
M: I don't think so, but we'll look at them anyway. There're Saint Mary's, that's a catholic school for girls and Carlton Abbey, that's a very old boys' boarding school, founded in 1672.
W: Are all the state schools co-educational?
M: Yes, it seems so.
W: I think little Keith is very good with his hands. We're to send him to a school with good vocational training -- carpentry, electronics, that's sort of thing.
M: In that case, we are best off at Enderby Comprehensive. I gather they have excellent workshops and instructors. But it says here the Donwell also has good facilities. Enderby High has a little, but they are mostly academic. No vocational training at all at Carlton Abbey or Saint Mary's.
W: What are the schools like academically? How many children go on to university every year?
M: Well, Enderby High is very good. And Carlton Abbey even better, 70% percent of their pupils go on to university. Donwell isn't so good. Only 8%. And Enderby Comprehensive in Saint Mary's not much more, about 10%.
W: Well, it seems like there is a broad selection of schools. But we have to find out more than statistics before we can decide. 

12. What do they want their children to have?

13. What do the speakers say about little Keith?

14. What school has the highest percentage of pupils who go on to university?

15. What are the speakers going to do next? 


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