M: It's really amazing how many colors there are in these Thai silks?
W: These are our new designs.
M: Oh, I don't think I've seen this combination of colors before.
W: They're really brilliant, aren't they?
M: Quite dazzling! May I have samples of the new color combinations?
W: Yes, of course. But aren't you going to place an order?
M: We order them regularly, you know, but I do want our buyer who handles fabrics to see them.
W: Have you looked at the wood and stone carvings? Did you like them?
M: Oh, they aren't really what I'm looking for.
W: What do you have in mind?
M: That's the trouble. I never know exactly until I see it. I usually have more luck when I get away from the tourist places.
W: Out in the countryside you mean.
M: Yeah, exactly. Markets in small towns have turned out best for me.
W: You're more interested, then, in handicrafts that haven't been commercialized.
M: Yes, real folk arts, pots, dishes, basket ware — the kinds of things that people themselves use.
W: I'm sure we can arrange a trip out into the country for you.
M: I was hoping you'd say that.
W: We can drive out of Bangkok and stop whenever you see something that interests you.
M: That would be wonderful! How soon could we leave?
W: I can't get away tomorrow. But I think I can get a car for the day after.
M: And would we have to come back the same day?
W: No, I think I'll be able to keep the car for three or four days.
M: Wonderful! That'll give me time for a real look around.

9. What attracts the man to the Thai silks?

10. What is the man looking for in Thailand?

11. What do we learn about the trip the woman promised to arrange for the man? 


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