The Game of Thrones fan petition to remake Season 8 officially crossed the 1 million signature threshold last weekend, ahead of the series finale's airing, and some stars from the show are not happy about the intense backlash against the show's final bow.

Jacob Anderson, who portrays the Unsullied leader Grey Worm in Game of Thrones, spoke out against those who are calling for a second effort in an interview, saying that he thinks the vitriol is impolite and diminishes the hard work of the show's crew.
在《权游》中饰演无垢者首领灰虫子的演员Jacob Anderson在采访中怼了那些要求重拍的粉丝,他认为那些尖刻的话很无礼,是对该剧组辛苦工作的轻视。

"I think it's rude," Anderson said of the still-climbing petition. "I think obviously, the show feels to people like it belongs to them, and that's really good. I think it's really important when people take things into their heart. It means something to them. However, it doesn't [belong to them]."

Anderson went on to tout the work of the Game of Thrones crew, which was on-hand for the many grueling night shoots and long hours that went into making the battle scenes happen, indicating that the petition overlooks their contributions; the petition points to the alleged failings of the showrunners and writers of the new season, not the cast or crew.

"I was there, and the crew in particular on our show are like the hardest-working group of people I've ever met or ever had the pleasure to work with, and I think to kind of trivialize their work in that way, I find it kind of sad. Less so for us because we just get to fight people and look cool," Anderson said.

Anderson also addressed the trending topic #NotMyDany that popped up after "The Bells" turned Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) into the Mad Queen in such a sharp heel turn that many felt it was inconsistent with the character — or at least much too rushed.
Anderson也提到了“#不是我们要的丹妮”这一热点话题,因为第五集《The Bells》中丹妮莉丝·坦格利安(Emilia Clarke饰演)黑化成了“疯女王”,落差太大,让很多观众感觉这一设定与角色不符,或者至少是来得太突然了。

"Personally, I'm of the mind that that was completely earned. I think Emilia is amazing. I think it's all there, it's all there," Anderson said of the vocal dissent over Dany's sudden decision to torch King's Landing.