These days, sudden cliffhanger cancelations have become a bit of a rarity, with networks choosing to hand out final season orders instead of cutting them off at the knees.

It's not always a surefire thing, but in the case of How to Get Away with Murder, we're pretty sure ABC wouldn't be so cruel as to leave us dangling off that Season 5 cliffhanger.

When all was said and done, we were left wondering whether Laurel (Karla Souza) and baby Christopher were kidnapped by her nefarious brother or whether she'd orchestrated the whole thing in order to disappear.

On top of that, Annalise's (Viola Davis) boss, Emmett Crawford (Timothy Hutton), who'd just been framed for murder, was left gasping for breath on the floor of his office after an apparent poisoning.

If that wouldn't make the worst accidental series finale ever, we don't know what would. Luckily, showrunner Pete Nowalk understands and agrees.

"That's a huge mystery as we go into another season," Nowalk told TV Guide of Laurel and Christopher's uncertain fates, "which fingers crossed we'll get. Obviously, we wrote it with the plan that we would get another season. That would be a terrible ending."

ABC hasn't yet given word about whether How to Get Away with Murder will return for Season 6, but that's not necessarily anything to be alarmed about at this point.

In previous years, renewals for the show have come in February, March and even May, so there's not a whole lot of method to the madness. We could be waiting a while for news about whether the show will return, but regardless, Nowalk has ideas for another season.