Lea Michele kept the memory of her late boyfriend, Cory Monteith, close to her heart when she ran errands around Beverly Hills while wearing her "Cory" necklace and carrying a copy of Gone Girl. The Glee star has been wearing the sweet accessory ever since Cory passed away in June. Yesterday, Lea sent out a motivational message to her Twitter followers by sharing a snap that read "Keep your head up, keep your heart strong."
丽娅·米雪儿仍在怀念逝去的男友柯瑞·蒙特斯。丽娅·米雪儿出现在比利佛山庄时戴着"Cory"字样的项链,怀抱一本《Gone Girl》。自柯瑞六月份去世后,这位《欢乐合唱团》的成员终于开始戴这些甜美的配件并展露笑容了。昨天,丽娅在推特上发布了一条激励的微博“昂首挺胸,保持一颗坚强的心。”

Lea has big things on the horizon as she is expected to attend the Emmy Awards on Sunday to support Glee, which is up for four awards, including outstanding supporting actress. It was announced this week that the Emmys will also be paying Cory a special tribute during the telecast in addition to their traditional "In Memoriam" reel. After the Emmys, Lea and her Glee cast mates will have the premiere of their fifth season to look forward to on Sept. 26.