Yeah, it's not too bad, Paul and Ian are, er...

They are great guys, and talented actors,and they're not too bad on the eyes either.

There is nothing you can't do with the restriction of being human because you are not.

I don't know what to, what to,I can't wait to read the next script. I am dying to read the next script. I have no idea what's gonna happen.
我迫不及待想读下一集剧本 我渴望读下一集剧本 我不知道会发生什么。

"Vampire Diaries" is this new hot show for the CW,It's based on a book series written by L.J. Smith.

It's about two vampire brothers who fall in love with the same mortal human girl. They are fighting over it.

At the beginning she doesn't know that he is a vampire. it eventually turned into a love triangle.

There is some unspoken attraction that we don't really quite understand. I don't think they understand.

They are brothers. They are both the same,they are both vampires and...but I think
It's just like any other sibling rivalry, but it's just intensified by like 5000.

It's said that, that anger that comes from loving someone so much. We are siblings. We have a very interesting relationship with our siblings.

But I do think at the end of the loves his brother no matter how flawed or aggressive or immoral he is.

I don't know if I'm bad, I mean I naturally, you know,We all have reasons.

He likes to cause a little bit of harm.

But he has a good time doing it. And I think sometimes it's kind of difficult to, to hate someone who is loving so much what they do.

Elena seems to be your average girl. She used to be the popular girl, but the past year she had a tragedy , she lost her parents in a car accident but she was in it
as well. And it just changed her completely.
但在去年她遇到了些灾难 在一次车祸中她失去双亲,但她幸免于难。这完全改变了她。

And then she meets Stefan, and there is something about him that makes her feel comfortable like he understands.

He is a pretty noble guy,he doesn't feed on humans to stay alive,he feeds on animals. He has a conscience.

It's not to be confused, he is dangerous, I mean, he is a dangerous guy. He is, er..., very powerful.
别误解 他很危险的 他是一个危险的家伙。

I don't know why right now, specifically, people are so into vampires. But I do understand the appeal of it. People have always had this obsession,infatuation with vampires.
我不明白现在 为什么人们对吸血鬼如此着迷。但我懂吸血鬼的吸引力 人们总是对吸血鬼很痴迷。

There is something about a mysterious sexy guy who lurks in the dark and every girl likes that.

It's the mystery. It's the bad boy that everybody likes.

Yon know vampires have such a history. It's so ingrained in us. We were fascinated by them.
吸血鬼就是这样的故事。它深植于我们心中 ,我们都为它痴狂。

They are interesting and I don't think there is any ceiling to what they can do.
Hi there, I'm Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries. You are watching TVGUIDEMAGAZINE.COM.
他们很有意思 我想他们无所不能。嗨,我是《吸血鬼日记》的Nina Dobrev,你正在收看电视指南。