Lady GaGa might have found a new man in her life. According to Radar Online, the singer who found fame with such single as "Poker Face" has been dating "The Vampire Diaries" hunk Taylor Kinney ever since the two met on the set of her music video for "You and I" back in July.
Ga姐的生活中又有新男人了。据Radar Online报道,凭借《Poker Face》一炮而红的歌星Lady Gaga现在正在和《吸血鬼日记》狼人帅哥Taylor Kinney谈恋爱,两人是在7月拍摄《You and I》MV时擦出火花的。

"It was just casual at first, but things are getting pretty hot and heavy," one inside source said. Seemingly providing proof to the insider's claim, a Sneak Joint patron talked about witnessing the rumored pair engaging in a little PDA at the beachside bar in Mission Viejo, CA last Sunday, September 4.
“虽然只是个偶然的机会,但是两人很快就打得火热,”一位知情人士透露说。9月4号有人在某海滨酒吧看到两人幽会,这也证实了Lady Gaga和Kinney恋爱的传言。

"I couldn't tell it was her at first," confessed the observer when talking about GaGa and Kinney's make-out session at the bar. "It just looked like some hot couple making out, but then I realized it was Lady GaGa! Everyone went nuts! She was so sweet too - she even signed some autographs."
“最开始我也不敢确定那就是她,”撞见GaGa和Kinney的目击者说。“最开始我只一位是一对俊男美女在拍拖,后来我才发现那个女的居然是Lady Gaga!大家顿时就兴奋了!她对我们也很友善——还帮我们签了名。”

GaGa and Kinney were spotted together again on Monday, September 5. This time around, the two reportedly held hands while taking a stroll. "Her hair was a little messy. It definitely seemed like a 'morning after' situation," said a witness. "They are obviously totally into each other!" The day after, they were seen together on the beach.