Stefan Salvatore. Klaus. Simon Camden. Sure, it’s too much goodness for one Vampire Diaries moment, but by golly, The CW hit has gone and made it happen.
能在《吸血鬼日记》里看到Stefan Salvatore、Klaus、Simon Camden三人站在一起卡斯会不会有点大?不过CW似乎已经让这一幕成真了。

As TVLine previously reported, 7th Heaven alum David Gallagher will kick off TVD‘s new season with a guest appearance in the first two episodes as Ray Sutton, a Tennessee-based werewolf. Far be it for Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan) to deny one-half of his hybrid lineage any attention during his terror tour with Stefan (Paul Wesley), so it looks like things are nothing short of intense when Sutton and the vamps collide.
《第七天堂》的大卫·加拉赫要来《吸血鬼日记》客串头两集,扮演一个名为Ray Sutton的田纳西州狼人。在和Stefan的恐怖之旅路上,Klaus当然不会忘记自己的半狼人血统,看来Sutton和吸血鬼的相遇又将会是一场紧张无比的恶战。

Watch how it all plays out when The CW’s Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, Sept. 15 at 8/7c.