1 Wardrobe

The space was packed with racks of ornate dresses, structured suits, and some seriously badass leather jackets. Lining the ground surrounding the racks were rows upon rows of high-heeled shoes for Nina (who plays Elena on the show) and rugged boots for Ian (Damon Salvatore), Paul (Stefan Salvatore), and Joseph (Klaus). A long thin table against the front wall was covered with gorgeous jewelry.
服装间里装满了各式各样的衣服,从华丽的礼服到笔挺的套装还有坏人必备——皮夹克。而在地上则摆满了一排排Nina(主角Elena扮演者)的高跟鞋,Ian(Damon Salvatore)、Paul(Stefan Salvatore)还有Joseph(Klaus)的皮靴也都堆在这里。而靠墙的一条长桌上则摆满了琳琅满目的首饰。

2 Shoes

The styling of the shoot was stunning. Individually, Nina, Ian, Paul, and Joseph looked striking and as an ensemble they shined.

3 Camera

The photo-shoot consisted of both still photography and motion film work. The cameramen were able to control the height and movement of the crane to attain steady motion and a range of shots.

4 Candles

Blood-red props like the melted candles in these silver candelabra were incorporated in various capacities throughout the VD set.