The lovey dovey duo, on vacation in Paris on May 24th, with both their mothers – a serious sign in itself – have a deep and comfortable love connection, according to body language expert, Vincent Harris, author of the Productivity Epiphany.
Nina和Ian这对甜蜜小情侣5月24号在巴黎度假,而且两人都大方带上了自己的妈妈哦——带家属啊!!玩真的了有木有!!——肢体语言学家Vincent Harris从照片上两人亲密的动作分析,两人现在正处在很和谐的情侣关系中。

Nina is leaning into Ian as they walk, with her body against Ian, pressing against him from her hip to her neck and her arms are both wrapped around Ian.

“She’s saying — he’s mine,” and “he’s not getting away from me,” says Harris.

“Now as well — the abdominal area in general is a very vulnerable area and yet, she has her arm pressed firmly against his abdomen, and he’s quite relaxed and comfortable with her doing that,” he explains.

Harris adds that the photos indicate that Ian, 32, and Nina, 22 are a genuine couple — not a showmance — and that they are “mutually, emotionally attracted.”

The couple, who have never confirmed that they are involved, are nevertheless letting their bodies speak their feelings even if they are mum about discussing their relationship.

“Ian has his hand in his pocket, but his thumb it out. This says ‘I’m attracted to you, and I’m confident that you’re attracted to me, too,’” Harris indicates.

Whoa! This is nothing but good news for Ian and Nina fans. They’re hot for each other, their feelings are genuine, mutual AND it’s a healthy relationship! Yeah!