When Zap2it recently visited "The Vampire Diaries" set in Atlanta we had to promise to keep our lips zipped about just what kind of man the Original vampire will be.

Morgan himself, however, has already made a splash with "Vampire Diaries" fans on Twitter, displaying his detailed knowledge of the book series and chatting with fans about vampire lore.

Morgan is eager to use the considerable buzz generated about his new CW gig to fuel a cause close to his heart, an organization called Positive Women, which raises funds to empower the women of Swaziland, a small nation in Southern Africa. "Our work focuses on supporting communities to help them change their own lives and circumstances, to alleviate poverty and make significant social progress," the organization's website states. "To achieve this, they must have their basic needs met, choices in their lives and an understanding of their rights. We help make this happen."

As for Klaus, "Vampire Diaries" fans will catch their first glimpse of him in episode 219... aptly titled "Klaus." We'll flash back to 1491 to see Katherine's first meeting with Klaus and Elijah (yes, Daniel Gillies returns) and we'll see where that wretched moonstone curse originated. Back in the present time, Elena will go behind the Salvatore brothers' back with her own ideas about how to handle Klaus' arrival in Mystic Falls. Damon will become a little more vocal about his feelings for Elena, which will cause increasing tension between him and Stefan.