Ready or not, "Vampire Diaries" fans... here he comes.

Here's your very first look at Joseph Morgan as Klaus, the villain we've all been anxiously waiting for, from the April 21 episode... aptly titled "Klaus."
上面这张照片就是Joseph Morgan扮演的邪恶吸血鬼元老Klaus,他将会在美国时间4月21号播出的“Klaus”这一集中首次登场。

We'll initially meet the original Original in a flashback -- and yes, that's Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Katherine (Nina Dobrev) in the photo with him.

If you remember, Katherine met Klaus when he was living as a nobleman in England in 1491. "I was taken with him at first, until I found out what he was, and what he wanted from me," she told Elena earlier this season. "And then I ran like hell."

She's been running for over 500 years... and he's about to catch up to her.

Klaus is making his way toward present-day Mystic Falls, and his arrival will wreak havoc for all of our favorite characters. He has one goal: to break the sun-and-moon curse that prevents vampires from being able to walk in the sun.

If he succeeds in breaking the curse, it'll bind the werewolves to their curse forever, and they'll continue to endure painful transformations every month.

Klaus' arrival sets events in motion for the sacrifice ritual -- which requires the demise of vampire, a witch, a werewolf, and of course, Elena -- on the night of the full moon.