The Secret Circle continues to expand.
《吸血鬼日记》姐妹剧The Secret Circle继续扩大自己的演员表。

Louis Hunter, an unknown in the United States whose most prominent work has been on the Australian soap opera Out of the Blue, has landed a key role on this upcoming CW drama. He'll portray the witch Nick Armstrong, a drug dealer who lives next door to Britt Robertson's Cassie.
Louis Hunter是一位名不见经传的美国演员,目前表现最突出的一部作品是一部澳大利亚肥皂剧Out of the Blue.在CW即将上档的美剧The Secret Circle中他将会出演一个重要角色Nick Armstrong,一个贩卖毒品的男巫,是Britt Roberstson扮演的主角Cassie的邻居。

Hunter's casting follows the announcement that Natasha Henstridge has also signed on to the series, coming on board as Vice Principal Dawn Chamberlain.
在Hunter出演该剧的消息发布之前,Natasha Henstridge也已和剧组签约,她将会扮演Dawn Chamberlain高中的副校长。

The Secret Circle will premiere this fall with a pilot penned by Vampire Diaries producer Kevin Williamson and Andrew Miller.
The Secret Circle将会在今年秋季档登场,仍然是由《吸血鬼日记》的制片人Kevin Williamson和Andrew Miller操刀。