Natasha Henstridge                      Britt Robertson

Natasha Henstridge is the latest actress to come on board The Secret Circle.
最新消息,娜塔莎·亨斯屈奇将会出演《The Secret Circle》。

The long-time actress will portray Dawn Chamberlain on the upcoming CW series. The character is the vice principal of New Salem High School and was a friend of Cassie's (Britt Robertson) mother growing up. Dawn knows all about the coven of witches at the center of the drama.
她将会成为这部CW电视网新晋剧的常规演员,扮演Cassie(Britt Robertson)所在的New Salem高中的副校长Dawn Chamberlain,同时也是Cassie妈妈的发小。剧中的Dawn将会是对女巫大会的知情人士。

Producer by The Vampire Diaries team of Kevin Williamson and Andrew Miller, The Secret Circle will premiere in September and is based on a L.J. Smith book series.
《吸血鬼日记》制作团队中的制片人Kevin Williamson和Andrew Miller将会操刀本剧。《The Secret Circle》根据L.J.Smith的小说改编,将会在九月首映。