1 isobela and elena

In their first episode back from a seven week hiatus, "The Vampire Diaries" wastes no time picking up the countless plot threads they left dangling off the edge of a cliff with their February 24 episode -- particularly the return of Elena's birth mother, Isobel!


2 john and elena

It not only remains to be seen how Isobel's return affects Elena, but also Elena's birth father, John. And more importantly, have these two buried the hatchet ?

3 three of them

The remaining season two episodes will also see everyone band together in an attempt to save Elena from Klaus' vampiric clutches.

4 house

In this particular episode, Bonnie & Jeremy help Damon out as he needs to look back to look forward.

5 bonnie and jeremy

It also remains to be seen what exactly Jonah passed to Bonnie in his dying moments -- sure, the witch returned her stripped powers, but I have a sneaking suspicion he also tucked a few other surprises inside of her beyondimparting the wisdom of how to kill an original.