1 the house guest scene

Katherine's mind games are getting on everyone's nerves, but Damon, Stefan and Elena realize that her knowledge of Mystic Falls history will help them stay alive.

Frustrated with her relationship with Matt, Caroline finds a new way to get his attention. Alaric makes a surprising confession to Jenna, and Katherine makes a different kind of confession to Damon.

Stefan and Bonnie try to convince Jonas and Luka that they should all be working together, but Jonas' lack of trust leads to a violent and fiery confrontation.


2 stefan and dr martin

Can Stefan and Dr. Martin work together?


3 sing it caroline

Caroline can sing? She's up on stage in this shot from "The House Guest."
Caroline会唱歌?在《The House Guest》这一集中她就登台演唱了。

4 can we chat

Alaric has a lot to talk about with Jenna. He asks if he can have a moment in this scene from "The House Guest."
Alaric有许多话要对Jenna说。在《The House Guest》的这一幕中他在问Jenna有没有时间聊一会儿

5 books in a-box

It's gonna be a long night of reading.

6 good reading

Good book, Stefan?