This is a huge, but not entirely unexpected, relief for Vampire Diaries fans: Nina Dobrev is officially returning for the series finale.
超级大新闻,不过也不是意想不到的新闻,《吸血鬼日记》女主Nina Dobrev正式确认将会回归本剧季终季。

The actress, who left the CW drama in Season 6, announced the news on Instagram, sharing a script for the March 10 final episode, entitled "I Was Feeling Epic." The title is a nod to a quote from Stefan's (Paul Wesley) late friend Lexi, who memorably uttered the line in the first season.
这位女演员在第六季离开本剧,这个消息是在Instagram上发布的,还配图了一张3月10日最终集剧本的照片,这一集标题叫做《I Was Feeling Epic》。这部剧让我们想起了Stefan的好朋友Lexi,这句话是她在第一季首次提起的。

Dobrev starred as Elena Gilbert, along with playing a slew of doppelgangers, including Katherine, Amara and Tatia. She lent her voice in the Season 7 finale, when the Sybil (Nathalie Kelley) used Elena's voice to trick Damon (Ian Somerhalder), but she hasn't appeared onscreen since Elena's life was linked to Bonnie's (Kat Graham) and she was put in a magical coma in the Season 6 finale.
Dobrev扮演的Elena Gilbert,在剧中也还扮演了一系列的二重身,包括Katherine、Amara和Tatia。而且她还在第七季的结局集中献声演出,当时Sybil用了Elena的声音欺骗Damon,不过他最终也没有出现,因为在第六季结局中,Elena的生命和Bonnie的死亡紧紧联系在一起。