1. Friendship is one of the most important things to me.
In my opinion, friendship is something give me strength when I am sick, give me sunshine when I am in the shadow.
I have a friend who grew up together with me, he is my closest friend , We meet every week although we no longer live in the neighborhood , there is no secret between us. Once I was very depressed because I lost in the final exam , he was the one who encouraged me , and helped me with my math, I made great progress in that summer vocation.
I have many friends , they are all important in my life.We share the load, the happiness,the pain, and all the mood in my entire life. Thanks for my friends,you make my life more beautiful.

2. As students, we could share more time with our friends. The friendship in our young hearts is pure, fresh and simple. I often feel very lucky to have a lot of good friends. Justin was my English teacher from the USA. I met him in 1996 when I was a student who could only speak very little English. Justin was a vivid young man with a bright smile on his face, and he always had his special way to make the class active and attractive. He taught us English by telling stories, playing games, singing songs, and even dancing. I could still remember very clearly that one afternoon when we finished our class, we went to some other classes to sing songs for them, just like what people do in the states on Christmas Eve. It was so interesting and unforgettable. Justin was an excellent teacher, because he taught us not only how to study English well,but also the way to find out the beauty of the world and the way to be angels to others' lives. I know there was friendship and pure love in our hearts. Facing this valuable emotion neither nationality nor age was important, the real importance lay in faith, under-standing, and care. Justin is the best friend I have ever had,and I know I will cherish those days of staying together with him as the best part of my memory.
Friendship is a kind of treasure in our lives. It is actually like a bottle of wine, the longer it is kept, the sweeter it will be. It is also like a cup of tea. When we are thirsty, it will be our best choice, but when we have enough time to enjoy ourselves, it is also the most fragrant drink.
Finally, let's pray together now that one day, all of us could find the person we want to find, and could enjoy a real beautiful friendship in our lives. Let's pray the flower of friendship be-tween our friends and us would always bloom brightly in our hearts.