School had been very easy for me in the beginning. I had been the usual routine---show up for school, complete assignments, take tests, get grades. And that was usually straight A’s. I thought school was that easy.

Suddenly middle school began. Sure, I was a top student for six years, why would it be any harder? It was; the bad mark in a pop quiz deeply humbled me.

I became very resentful and angry about my situation. I felt so depressed for feeling inferior.

One winter day we had a heavy snow. Mother took me for a long walk. “ See those elm trees,” she said. “ The branches are broken. The trees may die. But look at those pine trees! They are not hurt by the snow.” “ When they have more snow than they can hold, they lower the branches and let the snow slip away. The next morning they are as good as ever.”

“There are just two kinds of trees in the world: the stubborn and the wise. Be like a pine tree. Bear what you can, then let the load slide off. You will move forward lightly.”

Yes, “Be like a pine tree. Bear what you can! ” Shake off resentment, angry and depression. We will have a bright future.