Section A

conversation 1

1. [C] They were all good at cooking.

2. [C] His parents’s friends.

3. [A] No one of the group ate it.

4. [B] It was rather disappointing.

conversation 2

5. [C] The business success of the woman’s shop.

6. [A] Keep down its expense.

7. [D] They are sold at lower prices than in other shops.

8. [A] To maintain friendly relationship with other shops.


Section B


9.  [C] They deliver pollutants from the ocean to their nesting sites.

10.[A] They originate from Devon Island in the Aretie area.

11.[B] They were carried by the wind.

12.[C] The harm Arctic seabirds may cause to humans.

passage 2

13.[D] It has decreased.

14.[A] It is now the second leading cause of death for centenarians.

15.[D] Their minds fail before their bodies do.


Section C


16.[C] They are focused more on attraction than love.

17.[C] It is not love if you don’t wish to maintain the relationship.

18.[C] How the relationship is to be defined if any one is missing.


19.[B] Social work as a profession.

20.[D] They help enhance the well-being of the underprivileged.

21.[C] They all have an academic degree in social work.

22.[A] Social works’ job options and responsibilities.

lecture 3

23.[A] To fight childhood obesity.

24.[C] They impress kids more than they do adults.

25.[D] Message positive behaviors at all times.