Section A

26. [A] absorb

27. [C] contribute

28. [K] levels

29. [G] explore

30. [M] picture

31. [O] voyage

32. [B] combined

33. [E] emissions

34. [D] depth

35. [N] unsure


Section B

36. [F] The author's experiment shows that students with a fixed mind-set believe having to work hard is an indication of low ability.

37. [C] Focusing on effort is effective in helping children overcome frustration and achieve success.

38. [I] We can cultivate a growth mind-set in children by telling success stories that emphasize hard work and love of learning.

39. [B] Students' belief about the cause of their failure explains their attitude towards setbacks.

40. [G] In the author's experiment, students with a growth mind-set showed greater perseverance in solving difficult math problems.

41. [E] The author conducted an experiment to find out about the influence of students' mind-sets on math learning.

42. [A] After falling again and again, most animals give up hope.

43. [J] Informing students about the brain as a learning machine is a good strategy to enhance their motivation for learning.

44. [D] People with a fixed mind-set believe that one's intelligence is unchangeable.

45. [H] In the workplace, feedback may not be so welcome to managers with a fixed mind-set.


Section C

Passage One

46. [C] They were subject to taxation almost everywhere.

47. [B] They find it ever harder to cope with sugar-induced health problems.

48. [A] It did not work out as well as was expected.

49. [D] Adjusting the physical composition of their products.

50. [A] There is no single easy quick solution to the problem.


Passage Two

51. [D] It affects models' health and safety.

52. [B] Government legislation about model's weight.

53. [C] It has great influence on numerous girls and women.

54. [B] It has now a new law to follow.

55. [D] It will have models with higher BMI.