Two generations relationship is becoming a focus issue.We could often see the news of generation gap.Many children and their parents have discussed the problem for several times, but haven't reached an agreement yet.Why is there such a thing?
    As far as I'm concerned,there are two aspects reasons cause this phenomenon. On the one hand,there is often a lack of understanding between parents and children. Children always complain that their parents are behind the times, while parents can’t understand of what their children’ thoughts and ideas.On the other hand,with the developing of science and technology,children had opportunity to come in contact with since the childhood vaster world, experienced many new things, extended range of experience,and their parents do not believe this.
   So,how to solve this problem become a critical situation.First,children should honor their parents and understand their parents 'pains. Continue to reduce customer complaints.In the second place,As parents, it is important to take a more up-to-date view.They had to support   and encourage the children,rather than imposed severe discipline on her children.