Private cars have become an important aspect of people’s life in many parts of our country,especially in large cities such as Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou.While they bring much convenience to people,they are also widely criticized.
      There are some arguments for owning private cars.In the first place,cars allow people to move around freely,which greatly improves our living standard.We easily drive cars for traveling.In second place,When we have something urgent to do,cars are quick than other vehicles in some extent.Last but not least,the car industry can boost economy by creating many job opportunities.
      However,there are also many arguments against cars.First of all,they pollute the environment by emitting harmful gases.What’s more,cars cause a large number of traffic accidents,which bring great misery to their family.
As far as I am concerned,we should limit the number of private cars by providing better mass transportation and better service for the people.Everyone should sacrifice his or her own interest for the mass society.