As we all know,mobile phones bacome more and more popular.They play an essential role in our daily life.When we are enioying the convenience that mobile phones have brought us ,we are now faced prombles.
     Most of the people hold the opinion that mobile phones is vital for us ,it makes our life colorful and meaningful.When we are bored in spare time,We can watch movies ,listen the music,and play games without opening a computer.What’s more,it enables us to keep in touch with our friends and family more conveniently and quickly.
     But every coin has two sides,another part of the people claim that mobile phones still causes many serious problems. first and foremost,the electric wave radiation which is thought to be harmful to us.Secondly,we usually waste much time to playing mobile phones.Last but not least,people are addicted to playing mobile phones ,it is life-threatening.There are some traffic jams are caused by mobile phones.
     All in all,different people have different views about mobile phones.I personally think  its pros outweigh the cons. Mobile phones are one of the indispensable tool in our life at present.We can live a higher quailty life attribute to mobile phones.