Section A
26 M. provide
27 A. abandoned
28 I. frequent
29 L. merely
30 C. biased
31 G. dependent
32 F. dampens
33 E. commitment
34 N. understandably
35 D. chances

Section B
F 36 . The more steep climb in grain
prices patly results from the tact that
more and more people want to con 一
Sume meat products.
K 37. Social order is breaking down
in many countries because Of food
C 38 . Rather than superpower con-
flict, countries unable to cope with
food shortages now constitute the
main threat to world security.
L 39 . Some parts Of the world have
seen successfully lead to the col-
lapse of world civilization.
40 B The author has come to agree
that food shortages could ultimately
41. H Increasing water shortages
prove to be the biggest obstacle to
boosting the world's grain produc
42. M The cost for saving our civili-
zation would be considerably less
than the world's current military
43. J To lower domestic food paces,
some countries 1 imited or stopped
their grain exports.
44 . L Environmental problems must
be solved to ease the current global
f000 shortage.
45 . G A arter Ofthis year' S
American grain harvest will be used
to produce bio-fuel for cars.


Section C
46 . B) It weakens in one' s later
47 . D) Some them begin to decline
When peo ple are still young.
48 . C) They function quite well even
in old age.
49 . D) can put what they have learnt
into more effective use
50. A) find ways to slow down our
mental decline


Section B
51. C) Scholars and policymakers
have dlfferent opinions about it.
52. A) P re-K achievements usually
do not last long 、
53 . B) When it is made part kids ,
54 . D) She is a firm supporter Of
55 . C) Early intentention