Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)

1. B. Its bad taste
解析:题干中generally known for 对应原文a reputation for,根据原文第一句Why does British food have a reputation for being so bad? Because it is bad! 可知关键词为bad,故选B。

2. A. an inadequate supply of production
解析:由题干关键词the Second World War可以定位到原文第四段,二战之前,英国的食品都是进口的,二战之后,食品供应船只遭到攻击,只能依靠配给。故选A,食品供给不足。

3. B. Its people cared more for quantity
解析:由compete with some of its neighbouring countries可以定位到原文第6段,they weren’t looking for…, they were looking for…, this prioritization of quantity over quality prevailed for decades. 可见他们对数量的追求高于质量,因此选B。

4. C. all kinds of overseas visitors
解析:由题干关键词culinary定位到原文第7段,根据最后一句…its ability to please the tastes of any international visitor. 而any international visitor就等同于答案all kinds of overseas visitors。故选C.
5. C. New ideas and presentations
解析:问题是按照David Tamlyn的观点,香港的饮食者喜欢什么。先根据David Tamlyn这个人名定位到原文第八段,再根据最后一句话Hong Kong diners are extremely responsive to new ideas or presentations,…这里的are extremely responsive to在意思上等于题干中的welcome。

6. D. maintain British traditional tastes
解析:一些饭店修改菜谱,采用新样式,而另外一些则保留英式口味,再根据Tamlyn is in the second camp,可知Tamlyn属于后者,即保留原汁原味。故答案选D。

7. B. They are produced on excellent organic farms
解析:由Neil Tomes定位到原文第12段,根据最后两句话…It has excellent organic farms, beautifully crafted cheeses, high-quality meats可选出答案B,Neil Tomes喜欢英国原料的原因就在于原料产于优秀的有机农场。

8. the local markets
解析:根据原文,… which means we take our vegetables from the local markets, …即除了从英国直接进口,还有部分蔬菜从本地市场购买的。

9. in a British way
解析:先定位到The Phoenix那一段,再找到下一段,We use a lot of ingredients that people wouldn’t perhaps associate as British, but are presented in a British way.

10. share their meals
解析:At Yorkshire Pudding, Hill says that his staff asks diners whether they would like to share their meals.餐厅之所以在上菜之后再供应碟子,原因就在于可能会有人愿意和别人分享食物。



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