1. C) It sent two dogs to the wrong destinations.
  2. A) Correct their mistake as soon as possible.
  3. B) She has had babies before.
  4. C) It was smooth.
  5. D) It was built above the sea-water.
  6. B) Replace the restaurant5 s wooden deck.
  7. C) She posted its picture on Facebooks.
  8. D) Duck hunting remains legal in many parts of the world.
  9. A) Droughts.
  10. B) Their neat is not that popular.
  11. D) They poisoned wild ducks in large numbers.
  12. A) Have her house repainted.
  13. B) How much the work will cost.
  1. .C) Stay somewhere else.
  2. .B ) Painting a house involves more trouble than she thought.
  1. A) To cultivate good habits.
  2. B) Create an ideal study environment for them.
  3. C) Start with something they enjoy.
  4. A) Workers who meet its body weight standards.
  5. D) Unfair.
  6. C) Encourage healthy behaviors.
  7. A) It has not done enough to help left-handed children.
  8. D) They tend to have more difficulties in learning.
  9. D) Keep track of left-handed children' s school performance.
  10. B) Why their numbers are so high.