How to no be boring


  36.(F) The most interesting people aren't those who've gone on some Eal,Pray,Love jourmey to find themsclves.Instead,Pirson says,they're those who examine the ordinary.


  37.(J)Of course, it's possible to be a fountain of knowledge and a boring person,says public relations consultant Andrea Pass.Paying attention to the listener is an important part of......


  38.[B] To tell the truth,interesting people are more popular among their friends.If you don't arouse somcone's curiosity or brighten somcone's day,you probably come.…..


  39.(I) Television veteran Audrey Morrissey, executive producer of NBC's The Voice,is always looking for what will make a person or story interesting to viewers…..


  40.(M)I have now come to realize that being boring,in actuali-ty, is not only about who you are as a person,but also how you present yourself……


  41.(C)Recently, I was at a gathering of colleagues when some-one turned to me and asked,"So,what's new with you?" Ordi narily, I think I'm a good conversationalist……..


  42.(G) This is essentinlly how Jessica Hagy starts her day a lot of time thinking about what's interesting to her.....


  43.(A)Humans are creatures habit. We love to establish a rou-tine and stick with it.Then we often put ourselves on auto-pi-lot.Routincs can be incredibly useful in helping you get things done….


  44.(K)"If the listener is not paying attention, it's your sign to shorten the story or change direction.


  45.(E)"If someone is making up some conversation that might be interesting, it's probably not going to land well," says Pirson, whose expertise includes trust and….