1.B) Send him to an after-school art class.
2.A) Contacted Joe to decorate its dining-room.

3.A) Get her pet dog back.
4.D) It is offering a big reward to anyone who helps.

5.B) Help people connect with each other.
6.C) It does not use volunteers
7.D)They will find they have something in common

8.C) Preparations for Saturday's get-together.
9.B) It enables guests to walk around and chat freely.
10.A) It offers some big discounts.
11.D)Bring his computerand speakers
12.D) For convenience at weekends.
13.A) They are reliable.
14.C) Seek advice from his friend
15.B)He can be trusted.

16.A) Many escaped from farms and became wild.
17.D)They carry a great many diseases.
18.C) They fell victim to eagles.

19.B) Roast coffee beans in outer space.
20.A) They can easily get burned.
21.C) They collaborated on building the first space coffee machine.

22.B)A race passes through it annually.
23.C)It’s tasty fruit pies.
24.B) The entire village.
25.D) She helped the village to become famous.